Creating a Brighter Future for Abused and Neglected Children

Mission Statement

Montgomery's Kids mission is to improve the lives of abused and neglected children and youth in Montgomery County, MD by providing opportunities and services they might not otherwise receive.


Each year more than 1,000 children come into the child welfare system in Montgomery County. They are often victims of physical and/or sexual abuse as well as neglect; issues which unless addressed, have long-term consequences. Our goal is to enrich the quality of life for Montgomery County’s most vulnerable children by providing them with the “something extra” that is available to children in more stable and secure homes and families.

Montgomery’s Kids provides funds to eligible children via their social workers who apply for funding from our organization. What makes this effort so successful is our highly collaborative approach with the County’s social workers who know the needs of each of the children for whom they are responsible.

If you know of a child in the child welfare system in need of services, please contact that child’s social worker.


Leslie Shedlin, President
Ms. Shedlin is an attorney with over twenty five years of experience in the area of child abuse and neglect. Her work includes litigation, advocacy and training.

Ronna Cook, Treasurer
Ms. Cook is an independent research consultant focusing on social-services and early childhood education programs. She has earned Masters Degrees in social work and special education with emotionally disturbed children.

Agnes Leshner, Secretary
Ms. Leshner is a psychologist and family therapist who served for over 25 years as the director of Montgomery County Child Welfare Services. She has a Masters degree in Psychology and has extensive experience working with children, youth and families

Worthington (Skip) H. Talcott, Jr.
Prior to retiring from the active practice of law at the end of 2013, Mr. Talcott was a partner/shareholder in the Real Estate Department of Shulman, Rogers, Gandal, Pordy & Ecker, P.A., located in Potomac, Maryland and he was a founding member of the Board of Directors of EagleBank, a community bank organized in 1998 under the laws of the State of Maryland.

Susan Gardner
Dr. Gardner has 18 years of experience doing health related research and 15 years in a management position at the Food and Drug Administration. She has a Ph.D in Medical Sociology.


Montgomery's Kids
7903 Springer Rd
Bethesda MD, 20817


A Place to Lay One’s Head

A twenty year old former foster child moved out on her own. She has a bad back which was being aggravated by sleeping on the floor. Her caseworker asked Montgomery’s Kids to buy her a bed as her son was using the bed she owned. We took her to Mattress Firm on Rockville Pike where she was able to pick out a mattress that was comfortable for her back.  The amazing manager at Mattress Firm also allowed her to pick out a bed frame (for free).  She found one that matched her furniture and she was thrilled.

A New Bike Provides New Energy

A young boy had outgrown his bicycle and wanted to ride with his friends and foster family.  Montgomery’s Kids  provided the money for a bicycle.  The social worker told us: “I am so grateful the Montgomery’s Kids was able to purchase this new bicycle.  I think it will give him the freedom and exercise that all young boys need.”

A Brighter Future for Two Sisters

Two sisters, both enrolled in college lacked the money to buy books for their courses.  After Montgomery’s Kids purchased the books for them, one of the girls wrote, “I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Receiving this money puts us a step closer to getting our degrees.  We thank you again for your willingness to help us achieve our dreams.”

Transportation is the Key

A young woman facing discharge from foster care. is working and going to college full time. Over the past two years we have been impressed by her resilience and drive. Her efforts were recently challenged when her car broke down. She thought she needed over $1,000.00 of work on it and didn’t know where to turn. She relies on her car to get to work and school. Her social worker called and asked if we could help pay to get her car fixed. Fortunately the work needed on the car was less than expected and we were able to cover the cost of fixing the car. Her work schedule and schooling were uninterrupted. Montgomery’s Kids was able to provide the safety net that other youth can count on from their families.

A Chance to Compete with Others

A cheerleader asked for funds to attend a cheeringleading  camp out of state with the rest of her squad. She thanked Montgomery’s Kids “I love cheering, no matter the time of year.  Cheer leading takes sweat and determination just like any other sport out there.  The money I am receiving will help not only myself, but the hardworking team I am on to compete in the Nationals.”

Preserving Memories

After their mother passed away, Montgomery’s Kids purchased an engraved memory box where her three daughters were able to keep photos and mementos.

New Experiences

A ten year old with limited social activities and major personal losses wanted the experience of overnight camp.  Her social worker felt that the challenges of camp would build her sense of self. Montgomery’s Kids was able to pay for camp for this young girl.

Going to the Prom

A youth was able to attend his school prom in the tuxedo that was rented for him by Montgomery’s Kids.  His social worker said that he had the biggest smile – and this from child that didn’t much.


  • Payment for driver’s education to provide transportation to a foster teen
  • Tickets to Step Africa to facililate a cultural bonding experience between a mother and child
  • Walmart gift card to purchase new clothing for a foster teen who lost weight
  • Tuition for summer camp for five foster children
  • Tuition for special needs summer camp for a foster child
  • Membership to Planet Fitness to enable a foster teen to work out with her foster family
  • Membership to a kick boxing club to assist overweight teens with weight loss

“This is a great resource for our kiddos and provides us with a way to bring them incentives as well as well deserved rewards for their efforts.” Social worker, Child Welfare Services, Montgomery County, MD

"Happy that this organization pleasingly helped me get a membership to Planet Fitness. Thanks to this kind foundation I'm getting the exercise I've needed when I was locked down in RTC's. Hopefully they will help me around late 2016 and early 2017 when I start college they'll help me get ready for my dorm. Thanks again to Montgomery Kids.” - Foster Youth




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